What to Look For In a Travel Backpack In 2022

What qualities should a good travel bag have? How does a good bag facilitate travel? How does the bag you require depend on how you travel? Making the appropriate luggage selection is crucial to your travel preparation. It can be difficult to know which backpack to choose from because there are so many on the market.

It definitely takes expertise to know what the finest travel bag is and how to choose one. Today in this article, we are ready to bring you a complete guide on what to look for in a travel backpack.

Why Choose To Travel With A Backpack?

Before what to look for in a travel backpack, you should understand why you are traveling with a backpack. Why really?

Consider traveling with pricey luggage that acts as an extension of your arm. But have you ever considered how hard it is to navigate the streets of Thailand with luggage on wheels? How about India’s dirt roads? Not to mention how much discomfort you’ll experience when your suitcase’s wheels break and you have to carry the entire weight in your arms.

Travel Backpack

Consider a high-quality backpack. Something with just the correct number of pockets, not too many or too few. Think about how much simpler that is. More places can accommodate a backpack than a suitcase. Even better, you won’t have to spend 30 minutes waiting on those annoying carousel belts at the airport because you can bring them with you as a carry-on. Take into account the cash you will save.

When traveling, having a suitcase is one of the essential things. Since you won’t have to drag your luggage behind you on wheels, you’ll feel more agile. You don’t need to worry about how to transport your belongings if you choose to travel to the mountains. I believe that carrying a large suitcase up in your arms is preferable to wearing a backpack with a sturdy hip belt.

What To Look For In A Travel Backpack?

The best travel backpacks have all of the following qualities: they are long-lasting, robust, and water-resistant. These backpacks endure and maintain their quality no matter how much damage you subject them to. Below is what you should look for when choosing the travel backpack. Don’t purchase a backpack if it doesn’t meet every requirement on this list:

01. Having a lockable zipper.

Make sure each compartment has two zippers so you may lock them together when selecting a half. So, there is extremely little danger of someone breaking into luggage in a hostel and taking clothing or other items. Someone will put something in your luggage, or a snatching baggage handler at the airport won’t be able to take your belongings.

Check the packaging before buying locks to make sure they are TSA-friendly. These locks contain a unique release valve that enables the TSA to inspect your suitcase without breaking the lock.

02. Made using water-resistant materials.

Always make sure your bag is made of a semi-waterproof material, even if your pack can be partially waterproof.

Make sure the fabric is not left wet for an extended period of time. I prefer sturdy yet lightweight materials. The fibers of treated nylon are excellent. Pouring a cup of water needs to be possible without getting inside wet. I advise against making long-distance trips during monsoons or pouring rain. However, the bag is made of sturdy nylon, so nothing inside is likely to get wet if you get caught in light rain.

03. Robust internal frame.

Most of today’s backpacks are internal frame packs, meaning the frame and support rods are integrated into the bag and concealed within. Don’t get one of those, though; some still have external frame backpacks with rods that protrude from the body of the pack. Make certain the backpack you buy has a frame inside. It will look nicer and be easier to move around because the rods won’t catch on anything, and your bag will be thinner.

The frame of internal frame packs is typically built of hard plastic or carbon fiber, making them lighter and more durable while also being easier on the back.

04. Having multiple compartments.

There should be multiple compartments in a good bag. This enables you to divide your stuff into more manageable groups so that you can discover what you need more quickly.

05. Having a padded hip belt.

You need a padded hip belt because most of your weight will be placed on your hips, making it uncomfortable. Thanks to the belt’s support and better weight distribution, less stress is placed on your back. Additionally, the hip belt needs to be able to be tightened for added support. Look for a bag with zipped pockets on the hip belt for simple access. These pockets are useful for storing bus passes, loose cash, travel documents and other little items you need nearby.

06. Having padded shoulder straps.

These make lifting your weight simpler because they help push the weight of your pack onto your shoulders. Your shoulders experience less strain, and your lower back also benefits from the relief provided by the pads. To prevent splitting and thinning, ensure the filler is thick and constructed from a single piece of material.

07. Having a front loading.

A front-loading backpack has a face that opens from the side so you can reach everything within. Only the top opening of a top-loading bag offers you access to your belongings. This makes getting your items incredibly challenging. Purchase “front-loading” bags at all times so you can easily access your gear.

On the other hand, a bag that can be loaded from the top and the bottom will work just well. Avoid purchasing a bag with a single opening because reaching your belongings will take a lot of work.


Choosing the appropriate luggage is crucial to your travel planning. Nowadays, it might be challenging to decide which purse to buy with so many available options. It surely takes expertise to know the greatest travel bag and how to choose one. Before learning what to look for in a travel backpack, it is important to comprehend why you are using one.

The most important features to look for in a travel bag are a lockable zipper, being constructed of water-resistant materials, a strong inner frame, multiple compartments, a padded hip belt and padded shoulder straps, and a front loading is essential.

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