Can a bumpy boat ride hurt a baby? – Everything you need to know about boating during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you have to take care of everything. Many pregnant women are nervous about boat rides, wondering if a bumpy ride could harm the baby. It is natural to worry about the health of your unborn child. Although there are many dangerous outdoor activities that pregnant women are advised to avoid, boating is not that unsafe.

Most doctors agree that as long as you are not in labor, it is safe to continue your regular activities during pregnancy, including boating. By reading the article, you can know the answer to the question “can a bumpy ride hurt a baby?” and other related facts.

Can a bumpy boat ride hurt a baby? – Is It Ok to Go Boating During Pregnancy?

For most women, even a bumpy ride doesn’t cause serious issues. But if you are thinking of going on a boat trip, first meet your doctor and understand whether it is safe for you and your baby.

Doctors recommend that you continue your daily activities in the same way even if you are pregnant. But in case of pregnancy-related complications like premature labor, it is best to postpone your boat trip until the baby is born.

What are the main points to consider before boating during pregnancy?

Everybody is different. Therefore, activities that may be safe for some may be unsafe for another. Accordingly, before boating during pregnancy, certain precautions should be followed:

  1. A doctor should be consulted.

There are several risks involved in boating during pregnancy. And all of that can’t be avoided by just wearing a life jacket. Therefore, it is very important to get your doctor’s approval first. The doctor knows the specifics of your pregnancy, and they can tell you whether it is suitable for you and your baby.

  • Choosing the best time for you to go boating

The first trimester is not the best time to go boating. During the first few weeks, your baby is still settling in your womb, so,

Excessive outdoor activity is not recommended as this can be harmful to your baby. Also, since morning sickness occurs in the first trimester, that time is not ideal. Boating in the third quarter is also risky. Therefore, the second trimester is the best time for boats.

  • Choosing the right boat ride

There are many types of boat rides, some of which are unsuitable for pregnant women. Hence, water- skiing or speed boating should be avoided. Additionally, boating in rough water or large waves should be avoided.

Therefore, a sightseeing tour is a good choice for you. These usually take place in calm waters and do not involve rough waves or sudden movements, so are not harmful to you or the baby.

Things to consider while travelling on a boat during pregnancy

Although boating during pregnancy is not risky, you should be careful. Or it can be risky. Accordingly, if you pay attention to the following points, you can minimize the risk and get a comfortable and enjoyable ride experience.

  • You should choose a large boat that is comfortable for you.
  • Do not strain while on the boat.
  • Avoid walking while on the boat.
  • Be prepared for some inconveniences while travelling on the boat.

How can pregnant women enjoy a bumpy boat ride safely?

  1. Relax and have fun.

Enjoy boating with your partner and family members without stress.

  • Plan properly

Try to arrange things as per your convenience and need. If you’re going solo, enjoy your alone time and introspection. But, it is highly advisable to take someone with you for boating during pregnancy.

  • Carry non-alcoholic beverages

Carry fruit drinks, yoghurt, and smoothies as alcohol is not recommended for you during pregnancy. It gives you some relief.

  • Stay cool in the water

With pregnancy weight, you can have a great experience lying in the water on the boat.

  • Not travelling far from land.

As various accidents and unexpected events can happen, if necessary, you should get emergency treatment quickly.

What are the benefits of boating during pregnancy?

You may find that boating during pregnancy is an incredibly fun and relaxing experience. Spending time with loved ones, being outdoors and enjoying the gentle rocking of a boat can reduce the stress and side effects of pregnancy.

Also getting a chance to swim will increase blood circulation which will reduce any swelling. And the buoyancy of the water can lift some pregnancy weight.

Why is boating not recommended during pregnancy?

You can go boating after pregnancy as long as you are extremely careful. But in case of pregnancy-related complications such as premature birth, it is best to postpone your boat trip until after your baby is born. And going on a speedboat while pregnant is risky. So instead of speedboats, it is best to opt for a regular boat.


Can a bumpy boat ride hurt a baby? There is no evidence that a bumpy boat ride can harm your baby. So, can you boat while pregnant? Definitely yes.

However, if you plan to go on a boat ride, it’s important to talk to your doctor to make sure it’s safe for you and the baby. You may be more liable to feel sick and dizzy, and it may affect your balance. So stay seated during the boat ride. It is also best to keep some snacks on hand. And by following proper safety precautions, going for a bumpy boat ride can be a fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience.


When is the best time to go on a bumpy boat ride for a pregnant woman?

Boating in the first trimester of pregnancy can give you morning sickness. The other uncertain phase of pregnancy is the third trimester and there are chances of motion sickness and morning sickness reoccurring. Therefore, boating is best during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Why you should wear a life jacket?

Accidents can happen at any time, so you should always look out for yourself, and a life jacket will help you improve your chances of survival in the event of an accident. However, you should get a special life jacket that fits perfectly.

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